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These are Bed Bugs Feeding

These are Bed Bugs Feeding

Bed Bug Control Measures

A critical first step is to correctly identify the blood-feeding pest, as this determines which management tactics to adopt that take into account specific bug biology and habits. For example, if the blood-feeder is a bat bug rather than a bed bug, a different management approach is needed.

Control of bed bugs is best achieved by following an integrated pest management (IPM) approach that involves multiple tactics, such as preventive measures, sanitation, and chemicals applied to targeted sites. Unless the bed bug problem is caught very early, infestations are best handled by a licensed pest management professional.

Note: We don’t use or recommend the heat and cold treatment methods some companies use for bed bug control. To eliminate a bed bug infestion you need to kill all the bedbugs, not just the ones that where exposed the day of the  treatment.  These heat and cold treatment methods leave no residual treatment. A residual treatment is needed to kill the bed bugs that were hidden in wall voids and other inaccesible areas during the heat or cold treatments and will later emerge to re-infest your home.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bugs Treatment – Security Bed Bug Control performs 2 scheduled treatments spaced about 2 weeks apart to ensure complete bedbug removal. The customer is then given an extended warranty against any bedbug re-infestation.

Note: With our method of eliminating bed bugs it is not necessary to throw away your mattresses and box springs.

Post – Bed bugs Treatment Procedures

After our professional bedbug treatment, allow all treated surfaces to completely dry before use. We recommend staying out of the treated areas for 4 – 5 hours. Check beds for complete dryness before replacing sheets.

Note: Bedding or linens should be dry cleaned or laundered in hot water and dried using the “hot” setting. Also, after a bed bug treatment it is highly recommended that you purchase a zippered mattress and box spring bag.
The following is a link to a company that sells high quality mattress and box-spring covers.

Bedbug Prevention

Do not bring infested items into one’s home. It is important to carefully inspect clothing and baggage of travelers, being on the lookout for bed bugs and their telltale fecal spots. Also, inspect secondhand beds, bedding, and furniture. Repair or screen openings to exclude birds, bats, and rodents that can serve as alternate hosts for bed bugs.

Note: Bed bugs feeding on other animals found near the home (mice, rats, raccoons, birds, rabbits etc.) may feed on humans if their primary hosts are removed.

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